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6 tips for Creative Business Owners

Taking creativity seriously

Solicitors are not often associated with creativity however Progression Solicitors have taken a creative approach since they started in business in 2005. Managing Director Anthony Smith gives this advice to those brave enough to start a creative business.

 1. Protect your ideas.

Copyright and Intellectual Property law are complex ones but for those in the creative industry they are vitally important. Your ideas, artworks, songs, pictures and creations are your currency and they need properly protecting to prevent poor imitations. Make time to understand what can and can’t be protected and take steps where you can.

 2. Protect your business

Also make sure you put in place terms of business and contracts of employment where appropriate. Such information may seem boring but they are just as important in a creative business as any other.

 3. Protect yourself

With creative businesses the biggest asset is not the building, your website or your office equipment. It’s you! I know insurance is a boring topic (and I’m not an insurance salesman!) but make sure that if you can’t work you can still earn.

 4. Delegate the stuff that stymies your creativity.

If doing the books makes your toes curl, and ultimately means you’re not getting around to the jobs that you hate doing then delegate them! There’s a reason a bookkeeper is often the first person to be taken on!

5. Do what inspires you

Very few creative businesses get to create exactly what they want 100% of the time, but those that get to enjoy that luxury at least most of the time are frequently successful. Don’t fall into the trap of creating purely for money, in the end it shows and work suffers. If you have to, make sure you have time to do what really gets you going outside of work.

 6. Back-up your work and make notes

Clearly you can’t back up an original painting! However you can save digital photos, music files and notes about your work. Back-ups of original notes have even helped in copyright cases in later years so don’t underestimate the power of making a copy!

Anthony Smith is Managing Director at Progression Solicitors and specialises in Commercial Law. Find out more here. We are proud to have them as sponsors of the Creative Business category of #CFBA2018. #WeAreCumbria

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