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2,4,6,8 it feels great to nominate!

nominee-logo-blackWhat a week its been for the team here at #CFBA2017 HQ, Sophia has been spreading the good news to businesses across the county and frankly has been loving it. Some Sophia spreading good news! businesses have been nominated five times which just goes to show how much family businesses mean to their local communities.  Some of the nominations coming in have brought a tear to Soph’s eye (to be fair though she does cry at adverts) but they have been seriously brilliant. One theme has cropped up time and again and understandably so. Storm Desmond impacted so many people in Cumbria and its affects can still be felt however some of the most heart warming nominations have come from people who saw family businesses re-building their businesses, helping others and working harder than they’ve ever worked before to keep afloat and grow stronger. Sophia has a box of tissues at the ready so nominate some more and let Soph spread more good news, why wouldn’t you…just look how happy it makes her!

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