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Educating future generations about finances is vital says Rachael Bell

How do you help future generations?

I’m passionate about giving time to develop and educate the next generation. This is true both within the business itself, and in the wider community. We are very excited to already be planning our very own ‘next generation’. My God daughter Abigail O’Brien is studying very hard to pass all of her exams to become a financial adviser. She is fabulous and will help us to continue to provide the levels of service which are so important.

As well as ‘keeping it in the family’, we’re very passionate about giving back to the community. Over the last year, the company has worked with Richard Rose Morton Academy in Carlisle to provide lessons focused around financial education and life skills; this has developed into a regular feature on the academy’s curriculum, with an hour a week given over to teaching students from Years 10 & 11. The aim is to build confidence and positivity as well as understanding the business of finance.

What does Rachael Bell Wealth Management do?

Providing advice to individuals and businesses in Cumbria and beyond about their finances and financial planning, Rachael Bell Wealth Management was founded in 2014 by Rachael Bell. The company has gone from strength to strength ever since and is an advocate of supporting younger people with financial education.

Many of the values which characterise family businesses; a personal approach, dedicated service, honesty and integrity are exactly what Rachael and her team also hold dear so it stands to reason that they are getting involved in this year’s Cumbria Family Business Awards by sponsoring the Food & Drink Producers category.

What makes your team work?

Along with my Practice Manager Pam Brown and Personal Assistant Gemma Brodie, both of whom I refer to as the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ of financial planning – we make a formidable team. That comes down to the mix of skills each of us brings to the table. It takes a great team to ensure continued success, development and growth and we pride ourselves on being unique, and offering a bespoke, exceptional service to all of our clients.

If you had one piece of advice to give about going into business on your own, what would it be?

Look after your clients and treat them like you would your own family; if I didn’t look after my clients and take the time to understand what is truly important to them, I would not have a business. Taking a leap and setting up Rachael Bell Wealth Management is the best thing I have ever done and I am constantly aware of what a privilege it is to work so closely with clients.

Learn more about Rachael Bell Wealth Management, and the work they do within the community,


Which Cumbria Family Business Awards category should I apply for?

If you’re reading this, then we can only assume that you’d like to apply for a Cumbria Family Business Award. In which case…excellent idea! We want to help the process go as smoothly as possible for you. 

When it comes to applying for a Cumbria Family Business Award there are a few things to consider. First things first:

Are you a family business?

If there are two or more family members actively working in the business at ownership level, then the answer is yes! You don’t need to be married or directly related, we welcome ALL families. However if you’re ever unsure then we’re always here to help.  

The next thing to consider, before you even pick up a pen and fill out that application form, is which category you want to apply for. 

What are the categories?

With twelve to choose from, plus the overall ‘Outstanding Award’ selected from category winners, this can be a little overwhelming. Worry not: we’re here to guide you through the process and help you decide which category is the one for you.Without further ado, let’s get started…


Manufacturing & Construction sponsored by Lamont Pridmore

The Manufacturing & Construction category is one for the businesses throughout Cumbria who make this county the fantastic place it is, by manufacturing products of all kinds right here, on both a large and small scale; and by constructing a future that shapes our landscape. If you’re in the manufacturing or construction industry, no matter how big or small your family business, this one’s for you! 2018 winners were the Bath House.


A little about our sponsor…

Lamont Pridmore is a huge part of the success of the Cumbria Family Business Awards. In it from the beginning, they’re our main sponsor for 2019 and we couldn’t be happier to have them on board. Established over 100 years ago, Lamont Pridmore is an award winning family business in their own right, with a National Training Award and title as Best Business to Work For (amongst others); their traditional values combined with a modern, forward thinking approach make them a go-to for accountancy, tax and business advice in Cumbria and the North-West. We’re also thrilled to have Graham Lamont as our head judge this year, bringing years of business knowledge and expertise to the table. 


Food & Drink Establishments sponsored by Progression Solicitors

The Food & Drink Establishments category focuses on family run businesses providing both quality food/drink, and outstanding service. Being either a food or a drink establishment is enough to enter this category – you don’t need to do both (although if you do, that’s also fine)! Cafes, restaurants, pubs, breweries and bars are just a few of those who would fit well in this category. Last year’s winners were Ciel Hotels Ltd who run Askham Hall and George & Dragon.  

A little about our sponsor…

Established in Ulverston in 2005, family run firm Progression Solicitors provides legal services to both businesses and individuals from its four offices across Cumbria. As well as sponsoring the Food & Drink Establishments category at the Cumbria Family Business Awards 2019, Managing Director Anthony Smith also joins our judging panel this year. We can’t wait!

Small Hotels, Leisure & Tourism sponsored by The Cumberland Building Society

They may be small but they are many, and their contribution to the county cannot be underestimated. The Small Hotels, Leisure & Tourism category is one for the small family businesses who contribute to Cumbria’s success as a tourist destination. By “small”, we simply mean that your family business has a total of 25 or fewer employees (including staff who are temporary, seasonal, self-employed and agency workers). Hotels, tourist attractions, recreational facilities and guest houses would all fit into this category. Last year’s winners were Cedar Manor.

A little about our sponsor…

Established in 1850, The Cumberland Building Society has over 100 years of experience serving businesses and individuals across Cumbria and beyond, as well as a community focus, charitable branch and an award winning approach to finance.


Large Hotels, Leisure & Tourism sponsored by Cartmell Shepherd

Cumbria is known as one of the UK’s top tourist destinations and this award celebrates the larger family businesses catering to the millions who visit the county each year. You’re a “Large” family business if you have 26 or more employees including staff who are temporary, seasonal, self-employed and agency workers. Hotels, tourist attractions, recreational facilities and guest houses could all fit into this category. Last year’s winners were English Lakes Hotels who are kindly hosting the ceremony in 2019. 

A little about our sponsor…

Cartmell Shepherd is an award winning business with over 200 years of experience. Providing a wide range of legal services in Cumbria and the UK, Cartmell Shepherd aims to work with their clients, prioritising their needs and working to offer the best possible legal advice and guidance.


Professional & Business Services 

This category is one for the family run service providers, both large and small, who keep Cumbria connected and happy – whether in a business to business, or customer focused capacity. This award is in honour of commercial businesses such as lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, architects, contract cleaners, estate and letting agents, and so much more. Last year’s winners were Elton Finance Ltd






Food & Drink Producers sponsored by Rachael Bell Wealth Management

Cumbria’s food and drink scene is one of the many things the county has to be proud of, and this award is in appreciation of the family-run businesses putting Cumbria on the culinary map. Tea, coffee, beers, biscuits, jams, chutneys, cakes…if you produce food or drink (or both!), then this category is for you. Last year’s winners were Grasmere Gingerbread.

A little about our sponsor…

A Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management, Rachael Bell Wealth Management specialises in providing quality wealth management advice to individuals and businesses across Cumbria and beyond. Rachael Bell Wealth Management is our newest Cumbria Family Business Awards sponsor and we’re so pleased to have her and her team on board.


Creative Business sponsored by net*

Cumbria is full of creatives and this award recognises the businesses contributing to the county’s outstanding arts scene through mediums including photography, music, graphic design and more. If you count yourself as a creative business, we’d love you to apply so we can recognise the contribution you make to keeping Cumbria entertaining and unique. Last year’s winners were Miles-Moore Ceramics

A little about our sponsor…

Net* are amazing. They have supported us since day one and even make this lovely website! Net* are creatives, digital experts, strategists, front end developers, programmers, tea drinkers and really good at what they do. A family business themselves, they develop all the marketing and sales tools you’ll need to achieve your vision and have some fun with it along the way.


Retailers & Wholesalers

This award salutes the family run retailers and wholesalers operating within Cumbria, celebrating their achievements and successes in running retail business in a rural environment. Physical shops, wholesale goods providers, and online retail businesses of all shapes and sizes are a few examples of those who would fit perfectly into this category. Last year’s winners were Pioneer, who also went on to win Outstanding Cumbria Family Business of the Year and received a standing ovation! 



Agriculture, Forestry & Farming

Agriculture, forestry and farming businesses shape Cumbria’s landscape in multiple ways; this award recognises their hard work across the generations. If you’re a business operating within any of these three areas then this category is for you: we’re talking family run farms, tree surgeons, agricultural food producers and cafes, and more. 2018 winners were The Moody Cow.




Haulage & Logistics

This category is one for those family run businesses who keep Cumbria and Great Britain moving. If you recover broken down vehicles or haul goods, livestock or other supplies around Cumbria, throughout the UK, or internationally then this is the category for you. Last year’s winners were Stalkers Transport



People & Community Services

Where would Cumbria be without its invaluable network of service providers? A new category this year, People & Community Services is one for those who run children’s nurseries, have a taxi company, provide care in the community, run a hairdressers, or are party organisers as well as any other types of business which provide a service to others, whether that’s in the community or to other businesses. We need them all and proudly acknowledge their important contribution to Cumbria.


Employee of the Year sponsored by NXT Recruitment

It’s the people who make a business, and we want to celebrate Cumbria’s finest. Employee of the Year is all about those people who make your business what it is and who you’d be lost without.

Family businesses employ over 25% of the UK’s workforce; this award commends those team members who work hard to make a difference and often go beyond the call of duty. Nominated by their employer, the Employee of the Year is then chosen by a combination of public vote and judge’s scores. 2018 winner was Lynn Logan of Heart of the Lakes.

And there’s an added new element for 2019! NXT are not only sponsors of this category (more about that in a moment) but will be the judges for it; Jason Hodgson, Emma Lindsay and Simon Glencross, Directors of NXT will make a fine judging panel which culminates with them hosting a lunch with their 10 chosen finalists accompanied by their boss.

A little about our sponsor…

As both a family business and a recruitment agency, NXT Recruitment is the perfect partner for the Employee Of The Year category. With their mission being to find the perfect fit for both employer and employee, they have years of experience in placing people who would be ideal candidates in this category – so when it comes to judging, they know what to look out for!


Outstanding Cumbria Family Business of the Year sponsored by Enterprise Answers

This category cannot be applied for in it’s own right as the winner of this prestigious award will be selected from winners of previous categories. 

A little about our sponsor…

With us since the very first Cumbria Family Business Awards, Enterprise Answers provides loans and support to businesses which are unable to raise the finance they need from high street banks. They stand firmly behind local businesses, helping to bring diversity and creativity to Cumbria’s business scene and we’re thrilled (as ever) to have them on board. We also welcome Chief Executive and Vice Chair Grahame Latus back to our judging panel in 2019.

How many categories can I apply for?

You can apply for as many, or as few, categories as you want. If you’d like to apply for multiple categories, go for it! In this case, we recommend filling out separate application forms for each category you are applying for. This will allow you to best describe your business in a way which is tailored towards the relevant category .  

If on reading your application the judges feel it would be better suited to another category, they do have the discretion to move it – giving you a better chance of becoming a finalist – which sounds pretty good to us!

How to apply?

Applying for a Cumbria Family Business Award is simple. Fill out the application form either online or in print, before sending it back to us. It will then be presented to our expert judging teams – Category judges or Employee of the Year judges – who on their judging days who will have the difficult task of picking our finalists and winners. You can find the application form here ( – Good Luck!


Our Sponsors

A huge thank you to all our sponsors for the Cumbria Family Business Awards 2019